September Birth Flower: Aster

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Dating back to Greek mythology, the goddess Virgo spread star dust into the earth. Today we recognize these lovely stems as “asters”, which translates to “star” in Greek. Let’s all thank the goddess Virgo for blessing us with such a sweet September.

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Don’t eat the apple! Asters are flowers for the gods! These babies used to be put in wreaths as sacrificial pieces, but also used to burn these flowers to ward away evil snakes and energy.

Good luck to all – As a gift, asters signify devotion and patience, but generally associate with qualities of valor and wisdom.

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 Pinkies up. The China aster (as seen above) packs a bunch of calcium! Add some of these  petals the next time you brew some chrysanthemum flower (aster’s autumn buddy) tea.

 Get witchy! A single aster stem will act as a talisman of love, drawing adoration from the  recipient to its giver. With such a rich history, it’s no surprise this flower thrives with  enchantment.

Herbalism 101 – The New England Aster is said (as showed below) was burned by tribes to  reawaken the unconscious but also brewed to relieve coughs, asthma, and other  pulmonary conditions.

Asteraceae - Aster amellus


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