DIY: Eucalyptus Hanger

DSC_3982 copy

Calling all minimalists! This three step DIY is especially for you if you enjoy muted colors and simplicity in your space. Eucalyptus is one nature’s wondrous and aroma therapeutic gifts as it soothes mental fatigue, stress, and respiratory illnesses. Hang this baby in your bathroom and take a steaming, hot shower. Afterwards, you can smell the oils as they leak from the leaves of the fresh eucalyptus. These are also perfect for special events or even for weddings as a backdrop! Eucalyptus also dries out nicely, so expect an everlasting creation. During your DIY, feel free to play with the layers, design, and sizing for each stem to ultimately create your vision.

DSC_3968 copyDSC_3926 copyDSC_3957 copyDSC_3960 copyDSC_3966 copyDSC_3987


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