Summer Must Have: Marie Belle

In celebration of World Chocolate Day, why not embrace the cacao amazement that is Marie Belle? Based in New York City, these haute chocolates thrive on the rare Criollo bean and the best exotic ingredients of many cultures, like Tahitian vanilla and Japanese matcha tea. Scroll down below for edible art, cacao love, and mouth watering bites!


Chocolate bars at these cacao percentages will pack the punch in flavor and antioxidants, making them part of the  super food group. Not a fan of pure cacao? Try the double chocolate,bacon pretzel balls on your right for a dynamic crunch!


Prized in Oprah’s pantry, these hot chocolate tins are versatile for both a European style (with water) or American style (with milk) brew. Put them in the fridge after to make a creme as well!


From sea salt to espresso, these colorful bars are the perfect add on with its whimsical art work packaging. With Honduran Trinitario 70% cacao in each bar, be prepared for contrasting and dimensional flavors.


Ever eaten a hand painted ganashe?  Each ganache is coated in pure dark chocolate before the piece receives its signature cocoa-based design. Each bite is unique and hand made for your visual and gustation experience.

Happy Chocolate Day! Come celebrate with us for 30% off all our chocolate products!


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