July Birthday Flower: Water Lily

The Water Lily is the queen of the waters as it floats by creating shade and shelter for all its pond friends. As the nymph of all flowers, the water lily symbolizes elegance, rebirth, and purity. See below for three ways you can decorate with the lotus!


1. The Standing Lily Centerpiece

Hand tie the lotus stem and lily pad together with a wire and drop it into a small vase! If you want these nymphs to float instead, fill up a bubble bowl and simply place them in.

Lotus Blossom & Lily Pad with white year on clear next to vintage/rustic photo frame of us during that year. pair with feathers.:

2. The Lotus Garland

Collect a bunch of these up for an ornate table spread! As a flower of love, a combination of candles will create the perfect ambiance for a romantic evening or a service for a loss.

chic wedding centerpiece idea; photo: Rachel Absher:

3. The Humble Bridal Bouquet

Ditch the peonies and ranunculus for a bohemian inspired bouquet to symbolize virtue and renewal on your wedding day!

Lotus Flower Boquet: Glitter Wedding Ideas // Tasha Seccombe Photography:


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