5 Blue Flowers for July 4th


Blue flowers and foliage are definitely infrequent in nature. Today, many florists dye flowers blue to achieve certain color stories, especially roses and mums. However, there are certain flowers that do exhibit the natural hues of blue in their pigment. These are perfect for your red, white, blue festivities coming up!


Hydrangea runs in pink, white, green, and the beautiful baby blue you see above. To manipulate the color of a hydrangea’s blooms, growers manipulate the soil’s pH level and mineral content.


Look out for two different bulbs! The above are grape hyacinths while your usual everyday hyacinths bloom with starfish-like petals. The blue hyacinth signifies sincerity.


Irises come in a variety of purple to blue hues and bloom beautifully from a tight bud. Blue irises specifically  symbolizes hope and faith.


Delphinium has been historically used to create naturally blue dyes and ink. These flowers have over 400 species and usually stand in tall groups.


Add a bohemian, wildflower flare with thistle! Thistle is actually a weed and gives a dynamic dimension to any arrangement with it’s shape and color.


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