5 Creative Wedding Backdrops


We all know the ceremony  is the most photo-worthy part of the wedding. Rings are exchanged as well as lips, vows, and probably tears. What do you see yourself walking towards as your reach the end of that aisle? Wood planks? A chalkboard?

Find out for yourself below with 5 ways to design your wedding backdrop!

The Brooklyn Couple

Imagine trendy, Williamsburg newlyweds in upstate New York!


The Shakespearean Couple

Literary buffs meet hopeless romantics!

Wedding Ceremony Book Backdrop

The Industrial Couple

If interior designers lived in a beehive…

Honey Theme Wedding Ideas honeycomb bee hive backdrop:

The Modern Couple

Anyone have any chalk? Have guests write messages for a keepsake!


Galileo inspired wedding ideas - photo by Dawn Photography http://ruffledblog.com/galileo-inspired-wedding-ideas #backdrops:

The Boho Couple

For couples who flow like the wind and  rub that genie’s lamp.

Macrame wedding ceremony backdrop:


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