3 Ways to Design with Succulents


We all know these demi-gods of the plant kingdom have the survival skills of a pack of wolves. They are easily adaptable to climates and can thrive on monthly doses of water. Ranging through a scale of dynamism and color, these plants are also trending through their low maintenance, unique design capabilities, and promotion of cleaner breathing air.

1.The Office, Home, or Business Succulent Garden


Call it the perfect office pet or face for interior design envy, the simple succulent garden wins for its minimal design yet intricate visuals.  Take three small to mid-sized succulents of ranging proportions: tall, wide, wispy, or branchy. Simply re-pot the succulents one by one by potting them at different angles to give the arrangement movement. A leaning branch or protruding  petal allows for the garden to look great at all angles!

2. Impress the Guest

From a holiday party to cocktail mixers, these blooming succulents, Echeveria, definitely know how to stand out in the crowd. Combined in a mixed arrangement, your event exudes a level of sophistication and elevation.

3. Calling All Bridesmaids

Succulent Wedding Bouquets: stylish, sustainable, more affordable than fresh flowers, and oh yes–thoroughly modern:

Tight on your wedding budget, but don’t want to leave out your lovely bridesmaids? Deviate from the norm and get the  modern or rustic theme without having to worry to much about wedding flowers. With the stability in the architecture of the plant, these bouquets will definitely impress without withering away while walking down the aisle.

Planning a wedding or event? Let us know how we can treat you to a succulent fix!


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